Crowdsourcing for E-governance in the Global South: Challenges and Possibilities

In different parts of the world some crowdsource initiatives have been developed in last couple of years. Crisis Mappers have used crowdsource platforms to get data during natural calamities or during a political crisis that helped Crisis Mappers formulating next plan of actions. In some cases online activists used crowdsource platforms to get information on some social, political and economic issues. A crowdsource platform is just one way to involve citizens to ensure direct participation in social, political and economic decision-making process or to collect the voice of victims during crisis situations. However, it is not possible for all citizens to participate in any decision making process online. Is there any way that this might increase digital divide in the society? How to bridge the gap if so? Acknowledging the digital divide, would a combined effort of technical and offline participation enable as many citizens as possible to participate truly to help formulating important decisions? Current experiences suggest, mainly for the Global South, a combined effort of ‘digital and offline participatory’ crowdsource model is needed that would empower as many citizens as possible to take part in decision making process to have a real impact in the society. But what would happen, if we would like to use only digital environment to help as many as people, with little or no technical expertise to participate in digital activism and / or in decision-making process?

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